The essence of meetings

Roomeo is a straightforward product to organize your meetings and to know on the spot if a room is available.

With only a few touches you set your preferences and you are ready to meet

Instant room booking

Simple to use

Check room availability at a glance

Touch to book, no more than two clicks

Plan meetings from everywhere

Automatically free unused rooms

Meet the Intelligence

See the availability of all rooms

Share your meetings calendar with your colleagues

Invite your guest to your meetings

Keep track of who is in and out


Instant Booking Tablet

Web Booking

Multi-Room Management

Multi-Site Management

Check-in Check-out Visitor Tablet

Billing Process

Statistics & Reporting

Messaging & Notification Process

Interactive Calendar

Co working Capabilities

Co2 Footprint Assessment

And Roomeo is quite more...

ROOMEO is easy It gives you the choice to either organize your meeting through the tablet, attached at the wall of the meeting room, or through the platform, accessible from your computer (or pretty much from wherever you are).

ROOMEO is simple At a glance, it shows you if a room is available at the hour of your preference. If the room is taken, it shows you an alternative; either for the same time in another room, or another time in your preferred room.

ROOMEO is quick In only a few steps it makes sure you are ready to meet. It saves your preferences about room and hour and you can focus on the content of your meeting.

ROOMEO is smart It connects with your platform to give you access with your login credentials. It also has all booking data available at the back office, ready to process invoices or analytics.

ROOMEO is smooth It invites your guests with an e-mail stating when and where they are expected and what is on the agenda.

ROOMEO is efficient It takes care of all formalities and gives you the time to concentrate on the subject (and of the coffee, of course).

ROOMEO is multilingual It supports three languages (English, French and Dutch) and can be equipped with additional language sets.

tablet Check room availability at a glance
computer Plan meetings from everywhere
tablet Multi-Room Management